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'Consternation II' is a free-to-play, indie, horror game developed by CrackedGhostGames and Raster_Entertainment. 

On April 14th, 2015 two photographers were exploring an abandoned factory in rural Maine when they stumbled upon the corpse of a woman who had gone missing months before. She was a tall woman. The autopsy reported that she was extremely malnourished. However, her cause of death was from multiple stab wounds and a cervical fracture. Police were never able to find the killer… The next year, police walled off the facility. The site is very popular with urban explorers and paranormal investigators alike. Some tell tales of seeing the murdered woman. Others hear screams emanating from the inner parts of the building. Tonight, you are going to prove whether or not these rumors are true… Equipped with nothing more than a digital camera and a flashlight, you scale the wall...

This game is a sequel to Consternation, but ditches the maze gameplay, and introduces new mechanics as well.

Each level introduces different enemies for you to go up against. With no way of fighting back, you'll have to sprint, crawl, and hide to escape your pursuers. Use your new and improved flashlight to see long distance and scope out an area before advancing further.

"Holy sh*t that was really scary." - Markiplier

"It's crazy atmospheric, and I'm f***ing terrified of that"

"That made me freeze up inside, and that's never happened in my entire life."

"This is nightmarish"

"Definition of a scary game... Consternation II"

"I know it sounds cliché, but I'm genuinely glad I went to the bathroom first"

"I have it on mute because to be honest, I'm terrified"

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$30.00 - SoariNBlu

$20.00 - Markiplier

$2.50 - WLusk

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$1.00 - James Turner

$1.00 - Agnostic Plague Doctor

$1.00 - SlipKick

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Processor: Intel T2250 1.73 ghz
GPU: ATI Radeon X1400

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StatusIn development
Release date Aug 08, 2018
Made withGameMaker: Studio
Tags16-bit, 3D, 8-Bit, Escape Game, First-Person, Ghosts, Horror, Pixel Art, Retro, Stealth
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


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Its a great game! However, there is a bug that makes the second level nearly unplayable for me, at least in the way I play it. The black figures in the second level move while the game is paused, making it impossible to make progress if your a slow thinker. I do not know if this is a feature, but they also can spawn with the game paused.

'Ditches the maze gameplay' 


It’s not a maze though?

(1 edit)

Perhaps not in the literal sense, but it's certainly a confusing labyrinth of rooms and hallways.

The game is fine, i like it, just i think navigation is a bit tough.

Great game by some genuinely amazing Devs. If you like the retro art style and a horror atmosphere this game is for you! Objects you need in the game are spawned in random locations giving you a bit of a different play through each time.

Check out gameplay here and subscribe to Strattisfaction!

güzel oyun

Really good looking so far. A little short even for a demo, but still good. Looking forward to seeing the full release.