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'Consternation' is a free-to-play 16-bit horror game developed by CrackedGhostGames and Raster_Entertainment. The game throws you into a massive building with nothing and you must find a way to escape. Unfortunately, you're not alone in there.

You get your name written down below as a 'Donor'.

Each level gets progressively harder as more variants are discovered lurking in the building. Find the key on each level to unlock the padlocked door. Each level introduces a new creature, each with unique abilities to keep you on your toes. Can you make it out of the building?

"This game is panic inducing"

"I'm trembling so much it's unreal"

"I'm gonna have a heart attack"

"I love how it doesn't even need jumpscares to be scary"

"I'm actually terrified"

"The audio really really works to make this as scary as possible"

"I usually don't get so scared with horror games"

"This game is legit giving me anxiety"

(Ranked from highest to lowest)

$10.00 - SoariNBlu

$4.20 - Noah Gagnon

$4.00 - Jolastuco

$3.00 - Sald75

$3.00 - MrSnakeGames

$2.00 - Anthony Landingham

$2.00 - Ninasiren0521

$1.00 - ProofreadFire

$1.00 - Agnostic Plague Doctor

$1.00 - Ahmadalqattan

$1.00 - Team_Darkstar

$1.00 - BriarLacroix

$1.00 - ahmadalqattan1_9ec7

Release date Jun 03, 2018
Rated 4.3 out of 5 stars
(6 total ratings)
AuthorsCrackedGhostGames, Raster_Entertainment
GenreSurvival, Puzzle
Made withGameMaker
Tags16-bit, artificial-intelligence, Difficult, Escape Game, First-Person, Horror, maze, one-hit-kill, Survival Horror
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse
AccessibilityInteractive tutorial, Textless


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Aunque el estilo se ve infantil, el juego si da bastante miedo, estuvo muy bueno

I honestly haven't played a game this scary in quite a while. Everytime I hear that thing talk, I get shivers. Plus, it doesn't seem to matter how many times I get got. It jumpscares me anyway.


I have no idea what that thing is but I pray for it's death daily. I love pixalated horror games and anytime I encounter one that actually manages to scare me, it makes me very happy! Nicely done!




I played the game and never thought it would be this scary. It took a while for me to beat the game but I made it, so don't stop making games m8 :)

And I'm also going to play Consternation 2. Really looking forward to it.

this game reminds me of the original Delver, and i love Delver!! excited to play this!

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I loved old school Delver! I'm glad that you're excited to play :D


OK, ive tried it now. And after several heart attacks, i can say i enjoy this and many of the choices made in it. I love the Delver esq ness. i only got so far...-_- couldnt find a key. But its all good, and works as the game that it is! i love the graphics, so keep on keepen on my friend!


Just tried to play, but for some reason I wasn't able to move. Neither WASD nor the arrow keys did anything. Mouselook was fine, and I could hit F to fullscreen and esc to quit.

Hm... I'll have to look into this. Would you happen to have a controller plugged into your computer anywhere?

Yes! However, it didn't work either.

Ah, I got halfway through programming controller support in this update so the game will only let you play with mouse and keyboard if no controllers are plugged in. So try unplugging all controllers then opening the game.

Yep, that did it. LOVE the use of sound cues for the enemies as well.


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The game could use a little more objects around the maze. I know it's suppose to seem empty but it'll definitely inhance the overall apperance. Also the game needs some sort of map. Maybe you uncover more as you walk sround the maze or something like that. Amazing game though! Huge props to you man :D Keep it up!


Thank you! This game is complete though, so I'll make sure to improve upon this in my future projects.


I'm usually not a fan of huge mazes in games, but this one was pretty decent. Sound was designed very well, and the monster was a constant enough threat to keep moving. Thanks for the game.


Nice game with a chilling atmosphere! I like that you don't really know what awaits you in the depths of the levels. I found the audio especially scary, but those pixel things that you run into aren't that bad either.

I'd like to invite your game to this year's Game Development World Championship"


This game was very cool and scary!  Great job :D 


Thank you!


You're Welcome! :D


A pretty basic horror game. The graphics are good for a pixel game and it controls well. I found a major problem/annoyance being the lack of checkpoints. Because the maps are not randomized once you figure out one level, you are forced to redo it every time you die making for a very annoying, grab the key go to the exit, hope you don't die scenario over and over.

Something you should add is rooms instead of just dead ends, adding tables and chairs, pictures and paintings will help make it feel more alive then just a massive hallway. Another suggestion is changing the wall/floor/ceiling textures between each floor. Adding paintings to the hallways will make it feel more unique then just gray hallway everywhere.