'WE ARE BEING HUNTED' is an atmospheric survival-horror game where managing resources is the key to your survival. During the day, choose members of your party to gather wood, food, medicine, and more. Be warned, however... At night, it comes...

Something chased you and your friends through the woods... You stumble upon an abandoned house and decide to take refuge there. During the day, gather wood, food, medicine, and more. Build barricades, manage your resources, and make sure you and your friends survive the night.

This game was made for the Mini Jam 83: Dread



You must have 10 wood each night to stay warm

Each survivor needs to eat to feel nourished

Putting someone on guard each night reduces the chance of attacks

Rated 3.5 out of 5 stars
(6 total ratings)
GenreSurvival, Strategy
Made withGameMaker
Tags2D, Atmospheric, Horror, Management, Mouse only, Pixel Art, Singleplayer, Survival Horror
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
AccessibilityHigh-contrast, One button

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I love the game, but I'm also quite frustrated at it.

I imagine there are some people out there who have amazing luck, were blessed by the RNG gods, and have managed to get to the ending, but I am evidently not one of them. I thought I was on my second run, as I got all the way to the attic (the furthest I've gotten so far), but then all 6 six of my remaining campers were murdered in one night, and I've had terrible luck ever since. 

The amount of 1's I've rolled would make anyone cry.

I'm sorry that the RNG gods have been cruel ;-;

I think it's bugged? On three different playthroughs, including the one I mentioned in the last comment, all campers just died randomly at once. I had 6 campers left in two of my runs, and in the third (when I had a friend play, to test their luck) there were 7 campers. All Wood, Food, and Health was full in all three cases, and yet they all died suddenly at the same time in each one, with no indication of why they died at all. :'(

Did you make sure to leave 1 person on guard when this happened?

Yes. Especially on the latest occurrence mentioned, the one where I had my friend play just yesterday (so the memory is really fresh in my mind). 

She got really lucky and had a decent roll the day before it happened so she was able to get enough wood and food for all 7 Campers, had 2 medication already prepared, and had someone on guard. In addition to that, they were all healthy and fed. Then the day ended, and we saw an immediate game over/all campers died screen. 

I decided to try again just now (only minutes ago), to see if I'd get more lucky, but had the same thing happen again. I wasn't paying attention to the day, but it was after day 16, and we were past where we moved to the second floor.

There were 6 campers alive. I had been extremely lucky on rolls just before this point so I was very confident with my resources. I had someone on guard, over 20 wood (was trying to prepare for the upcoming 20 wood check), over 10 food, 3 medicine, and no one was even exhausted that night. Then the day ended, and I got another instant "All Campers Died" screen.


Oh my God they got John Ward here


smh 😪


Played for the gazillionth time... still haven't beat it. As much fun as this is, the creature managed to kill off 7 campers at once, despite them all being healthy, mostly rested, and nourished! I'm not quite sure how the death mechanic works. Still super fun though. And I beat my previous best, got to day 19!


Same, I had 6 campers, ended the day, then got the "All Campers Died" screen. Don't remember what day it was, but I'm pretty sure it was over 20.

I really like this game,hope you make more like this, its a very fun game.

This game was pretty cool. I enjoy how simplistic and small it is, and how it's still functional as a game. There's a bunch of glitches, of course, but other then that it's a great game. Is there an ending? You keep climbing up the house each time you progress, so I was just wondering. If you don't respond, and if there is one, I'll probably beat it either way.

The game does have an ending, just gotta last long enough! 


This was neat overall. Loved the simple graphics and colors. 
Small gltiches like the mouse dissapearing when you have to choose who to feed. or after some actions randomly.

Only complaint was my abrupt end. 

Had 7 people. All healthy, only previous gaurd exhausted, nourished.

28 wood 19 food 4 medicine. Someone on guard. I don't think you can do 2, it wouldn't let me earlier so I figured you just can't.

But all the campers died? Does this happen regardless after so many days? Or did I just get the shittiest RNG?


Sounds like just terrible RNG and it attacked all your campers simultaneously 


Ah, well that's super weak. 

I was thinking a camper wouldn't go from Healthy to Dead because of how unfair that would feel to a player. 

Still, jam games aren't known for their balance. ^^ And it was a very cool core otherwise. 

Yeah, that might have been a glitch. Unless they also took hunger damage or cold damage as well as damage from the thing in the woods.