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"Secrets Under Sorley" is a horror game set in an abandoned mineshaft that holds dark secrets. 

Shortly after the infamous Sorley Paper Mill was demolished, urban explorers in the area started looking for new places to explore in this small industrial town.

After spending some time online, you got a tip regarding an abandoned mine tucked away deep in the woods. The mining operation was shut down due to a "lack of funding" and the company itself went bankrupt only a year later.

To your knowledge, nobody other than the former workers have stepped foot inside...


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difficult for me


Very creepy game. Great work! 


Great Game, was slightly difficult because the ladder had little indications of where it was, though I do see you updated it to include a light at the ladder so that hopefully will fix that issue.

Also I want to point out the Sorley Journal on the wall was a little too pixelated in the smaller print to fully read, though this was in 1.2 version I think and on high quality.


This game is NOT easy!. took me 3 hours to beat it!


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Thanks for playing! After watching your video, I found a few ways I can balance the difficulty a bit more and get the player to better understand how to evade the enemy. Pretty much, only sprint if you have to, and catch your breath by using the crawlspaces.

after playing I wondered if I could’ve just hung out in the crawl space but not completely go under to catch my breath.


Game is at 15:12. Great game! I started sweating not long after entering the mine. The music is creepy as hell, the jumpscares are simple yet effective, and the events near the end get your blood pumping! Well done!

Thanks so much for playing!

Greetings! Just wanted to ask if you had a larger and clearer version of the newspaper near the entrance, it's barely readable!


I will be playing this live 6/21 around 6:00 PM EST (Birthday Stream) =)


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This was fantastic. Kind of a difficult game, but I really enjoyed the premise and the look. Would like to see more of this type of thing from you. Good work! EDIT: Video includes the Escape Ending.

I'm glad you liked it! You'll definitely be seeing more of this from me!



Thanks for playing! Hope it was spooky!


love it 

Awesome! Thanks for checking it out!