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Throwback to 1985 with this beautiful NES themed asset pack for RPG Maker MZ and MV!

Featuring a massive library of characters, interior/exterior decor, objects, enemies and more, this pack includes everything you'd ever need to design an incredible game in a retro style! Delve into dangerous dungeons! Visit vast towns that are full of life! Get lost deep in a forest! Survive the tundra! Search for shade in the harsh desert! The possibilities are virtually endless with this pack! All of this is created in my signature "PXL" style! Made specifically for RPG Maker MZ and MV!

This pack includes:

40+ Interior and Exterior Wall Tiles!

500+ Interior and Exterior Decor and Object Tiles!

Treasure Chests (with animation!)

50+ Characters!

300+ Character Portraits!

Enemy Battlers (Side View and Front View)

Custom GUI and Iconset

Use the custom drawn GUI to really sell the NES look on your games!

Use the battlers (side-view and front view compatible) to really spice up your gameplay!


Buy Now$9.99 USD or more

In order to download this asset pack you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $9.99 USD. You will get access to the following files:

PXLPack.zip 156 kB

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Is this version the same as the one available on Steam? Just wondering!


Yes it is!

Awesome, it's a pretty great-looking back for retro stuff! I'll probably pick it up on Steam at some point in the near future then.

Thanks! :)

Is there a showcase of what the animations look like for the walk sprites? I want to know what they look like before I buy.

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Fantastic tiles for every one who is struggling with buying this. For a completed GAME the amount of useable tiles will be 100% enough. I would buy more stuff in a style like this ^^ EDIT: Some lava tiles would be nice, but you can change the water color for that :P

I'm planning on expanding the pack at a later date! But yeah, a color change would work just as well with the NES style!

I would enjoy new content ^^ The color change works pretty well on the NES tiles,  just good work from your side. Pixel art is amazing and for a whole GAME this is really awesome. (A vehicle  would be grateful :3 )

Hi may I use this pack?

Absolutely, you just need to purchase it.


Thanks man

How may I please use this pack?

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Really pretty asset pack. I love it and am definitely considering using it!
Edit: Originally asked about license stuff, but I've since bought it and read the READ ME file and understand now. Sorry about that. Lol.

Hope you enjoy it!


Is the license exclusive only to RPG Maker?


Nope! You’re free to use these assets wherever. They’re just optimized for RPG Maker :)

Dose this asset pack have a farm? Sorry for all the questions.

You can use fences, dirt, and foliage to make a farm. But no, there are no exclusive farm tiles as of right now.


That will work I just need to be able to make a farm.


Can I use this asset pack for printing purposes?

How so?

I have a card game idea and I am needing a tile set for the art and I was wondering if I could use this.

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Oh, yeah! You can do that! As long as credit is still given, you're free to use it however!


Sweet! Thank you!