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Thank you CrackedGhostGames for another great game! Got me on a lot of occasions XD. Really enjoyed.

Thank you for playing! I always enjoy your content :)


Amazing. I legit jumped lmao. Really well done.

:) Thanks!


Just finished my Recording Session and was able to escape with all 8 Easter Eggs!

Was really thrilling and I enjoyed this new "SLender Like" experience

Keep up the great work!

Thanks for playing! Can't wait to see the video!

I really wanna play this but every time I open it up the game closes and tells me there is a security risk and I need to restart my PC ?

Hmm, maybe run as administrator?


The main menu was hard to interact with initially, but we managed to work around it in the end. That jump scare was hands down the biggest scream of our life, hah.

Glad you enjoyed! I’ll work on making the menu more user friendly!


Much appreciated!


The main menu works fine, but I'm getting a black screen when I start up the game.

Thanks, I’ll look into fixing this today!

ye me too, it is happening still