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Great atmosphere, and spooky santa!

So, is the game released yet? (not sure when the 'game will be released next week' post was made)

Will there be more?


The game is finished and released. Forgot to remove that text from last year :skull:

Nice game !

Some holiday classics

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Awesome game. had a blast playing it!

2 years ago, still great for christmas 


Thanks for playing, gamer ๐Ÿ˜Ž

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The intro scene was awesome, really added to the game. Shame the screen goes black when you win, like others said, would've loved to see a similarly well-executed ending! Will follow the game for any updates

I d'love me some hchnandy hchnanes for Christmas! It's a sweet seasonal treat that can't be reasonably beat!

Finally got the time to say this: The game was pretty good, It was short and everything but It was very, very good.

Also, in my video comments, I said that when you collected all the 10 candy canes the game just shows a black screen, don't know if that's intentional or not but just letting you know, hope to see more games like these, good luck!

in the linx vid i got a big heart attack from zombie santa's jumpscare on the window

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great creepy-happy xmas

RPGmaker 3d plugin?



Ah just curious. It looks really cool. :)