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Pembrey is a narrative, horror, mystery game set in the United Kingdom.

Two young film makers travel out deep into the Pembrey Forest in search for footage for their documentary. Record and document your findings and unravel the truth behind the famous "Pembrey Forest".


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I made a let's play of this awesome game! Let me just say that the story so far is quite creepy... :P


Awesome video! Thanks for pointing out that spelling error,  I can't believe I missed that! Hope to see more from you in the future!

No problem! :P, and thanks for watching it. If you need help with ideas or anything or even voice acting (If I try to put emotion into voices I can do it :P) just message me either on here or on Vidme. This game looks great and I hope to see you continue it :)

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I was really excited to play this this, even for a video! I had a skit idea at the beginning too. But the left half of the screen is black, and I can't do anything to change it. Would anyone know why this might be?

Are the black screens happening in-game or only when you record? 

They are happening in game and both when recording and not recording

Maybe try the new build? I may have fixed it, I really want to see that skit!


I live nearby so to say that it hasn't peaked my interest would be a lie.


I have to say that this has a LOT of potential right off the bat. The story reminds me heavily of the Blair Witch project, but almost has a Slender sort of vibe to it as well. 

The scenes where the screen went dark for even a moment had me super uneasy and the story is just building like a STORM. 

Heavily looking forward to the finished product!

Thank you so much! I can say I got a lot of inspiration from The Blaire Witch Project! It's one of my favorite horror movies, (that and The Legend of Boggy Creek). I'm trying to build up tons of tension before the game really gets started! I think that your comment and video proves my theory that I've done good up to this point. Once again, thank you so much and you've earned your name in the credits. :)


Really nice stuff, only played the demo so far but it definitely held my interest. Neat writing and sound design.


Thank you!


*Rurr* Hello everyone (And dev, who already knows of this xD) I gave the game a go, although I'm going to be REDOING it from the new Demo version so I can continue and finish what was intended to be played, so far so good in the game, quality is promising and a very active creator involved with fixing/communicating - Looking forward to more to come.

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Hey there, I gave the game a shot and had a pretty good time with it. The visuals and sounds are fantastic, the creepy atmosphere has been nailed here and the story has me quite interested. 

I did however run into some problems. During the story scene with Ethan, just after playing rock, paper, scissors, once we got to the bridge the game faded to a black screen and then started repeating the interview sequence with Ethan back at the lodge. I'm not sure if the demo was supposed to end there or if it's just a bug but I thought I would bring it to your attention. 

One more thing I found was that upon arriving at the lodge the controls began acting weird, it became a pain to use the arrow keys to move and I have to use the mouse to move the characters.

Overall though I enjoyed what was set up here, a gripping story and a lot of atmosphere, pretty visuals and some solid sound design. This has the potential to be a great game and I can't wait to see where you take it.

I hope you don't mind but I made a let's play of the demo, however for viewing purposes I didn't include any of the bugs I had found, so I hope what I've written here is enough.

Cheers and best wishes.

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Thank you so much! The sequence with Ethan is in fact a glitch and I am fixing it now.  There will be a patch in a few minutes, and you have earned your name in the credits! Thanks again!

game refuses to open.

Can you be more specific? Does the game itself not open or does it give an error on opening. If it just won't open, that is an issue with your computer, not the game. If it's an error please screenshot and post it so I can fix it for the players. Thanks :)

Same here - Though I will be more specific - it just doesn't open, there's no error or anything, nothing opens. I tried meddling with the compatibility settings in properties on the file and it still doesn't open.

New update is out. Maybe that will fix it?

It still doesn't open properly - HOWEVER, I found the fix/solution. You want to move the .exe into the DATA folder, it has to be with the other .dll's and whatnot. Once moved inside, it starts up instantly and flawlessly as one would expect.

Thank you so much! I'll update it tonight with that fix!

An error occurred while launching Pembrey

application crashed. process exited with code 2147483651

apologies for not posting the error. this is the error i get when trying to open the game

The game is fixed! :)